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Aiden Hines Bethel Sister Park Video Leaked On Twitter And Reddit

 Aiden Hines Bethel Sister Park Video Leaked On Twitter And Reddit.

The Aiden Hines case has sparked protests on Twitter and different social media websites equivalent to Snapchat and TikTok. Here’s an excerpt from the leaping video that Aiden’s sister posted on Snapchat. The video was once shot in a wooded house, however the photos isn’t very transparent, making it tricky to resolve what came about. On the opposite hand, there are rumors that Aiden was once attacked with bricks or stones, or shot with airsoft or BB weapons.

Aiden Hines Bethel Sister Park Video

It all began when Aiden advised Hines a foul tale about his sister on Snapchat, which he mentioned was once hitting on his underage sister. Videos of Aiden leaping temporarily went viral on social media and garnered numerous perspectives, with one video getting over 100,000 perspectives and some other over 60,000.

Aiden Hines Bethel Sister Park Video Leaked

In some other video posted on Twitter, Aiden is time and again punched by means of a hooded boy. The photos was once uploaded to Twitter, which mentioned it was once taken earlier than they entered the wooded area.

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