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Cuba Gooding Jr. faces new sexual attack fees. Less than every week after Gooding grew to become himself in to police accused of molesting a lady at a New York bar, comic and writer Claudia Oshry stated the 51-year-old actor raped her in 2012.

Killed, when she used to be 16 years previous, used to be violently touched. She first mentioned her allegations on an episode of her podcast

“The Morning Toast,” pronouncing:

“I have no idea if I ever thought to be myself a sufferer of sexual attack as a result of I wasn’t.

Some persons are actual sufferers and I might by no means evaluate myself to them. But yeah, when I used to be in highschool – I’m fucking 16

– I think loopy when little Cuba Gooding sticks his finger in my ass. I think – I do not even know what the best phrase is. Now it is change into Part of me. It’s a part of my tale.”

Oshley later defined her account to Entertainment Tonight on Monday, pronouncing:

#In 2012 1 used to be in highschool. I went to a membership known as SL with some buddies.

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