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Frana_ow leaked video on twitter and reddit, xqc new gf on onlyfans

Overwatch Twitch streamer and Toronto Defiantbember Francine “FRAN” Vo has offered that she goes not to movement or play the game she is best known for. Their decision used to be on account of some resistance to NFTs.

In reaction to Overwatch fans’ complaint of their own NFTs, FRAN faced a backlash from components of the game’s fanbase after a tweet claiming that the number 1 retail NFT used to be in reality made via the Overwatch crew.

She known as the incident a “dumpster fireside” and apologized for the tweet and her reaction in a chronic tweet dated Jan. 24.


In the put up, Fran stated that she would now not movement or play Overwatch — even if the extraordinarily expected sequel, Overwatch 2, is finally introduced.



Talking about her struggles with streaming, she admitted that “streaming isn’t as simple for me as a result of apparently.”

“Since my days at Franplayshalo, I’ve been burdened just about day by day, whether or not or now not it’s making creepy comments in my DMs about it seems that non-consensual footage. My glance has been given mounted attention, causing me to be extremely insecure and Low self esteem. The over the top loneliness and dangerous behavior I picked up from streaming took a toll. Don’t get me started on bullying. My overall self worth relies on likes and numbers. I’m hoping I certainly not will have to go through that another time long gone.”

She persevered, “I mentioned previous on air that I was moving once more residing to deal with my dad and mom, specifically my dad had a stroke and next seizure, and that’s what I did/did.” Within only a few months I regained my courting with my family, whom I had left at the back of for the former 5 years, ‘participating in video video video games for a residing’. “

Answering the question “Will I ever play Overwatch another time?” perhaps received’t, and Overwatch 2 received’t exchange my ideas. Will I be streaming another time? Probably now not,” she concluded. “I wish to close this bankruptcy of my lifestyles and switch on. “

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