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NLE Choppa Onlyfans Videos & Photos Leaked Of On Twitter

NLE Choppa plays the clown Soulja Boy after the Memphis star became the first rapper to release music on OnlyF. Choppa shared his latest “Slut Me Out” music video with Sukihana on the content subscription service and immediately poked fun at Big Draco for hitting on the “Crank That” rapper again for being the first to do something he hadn’t done.

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“Yeah @souljaboy you haven’t posted a music video on onlyfans HAHAHHAHA…” NLE Choppa wrote, topped with dozens of laughing emojis. Soulja Boy has since joined OnlyFans, but Choppa’s latest win comes after his previous win over Soulja — who has long claimed to be the first nearly-all-around rapper — to become the first to leave a professional NBA team. rapper.

The Me vs. Me lyricist performs at the FedEx Forum’s 2022 Memphis Grizzlies season opener. “First artist to take an NBA team away, and a home team,” Choppa wrote on social media at the time. Soulja Boy was initially hesitant to give credit to Choppa, responding, “I did that 3 years ago,” before sharing a YouTube link of his 2019 Los Angeles Clippers halftime performance.

However, fans noticed that the two cases were not the same, which Soulja eventually admitted. “Get out. Same halftime,” Soulja replied in another tweet. “I did it first?? Well, he got it.” In another tweet, Choppa circled around to pay his respects, writing: “I walked out on an NBA team before Soulja Boy!!!”

In other news, NLE Choppa recently doubled down on his single status after his alleged ex-girlfriend claimed she was pregnant with the rapper’s child. Choppa appeared on Atlanta-based radio show The Morning Hustle on Thursday (April 20), where he discussed the ongoing drama with ex Marissa DeNae. While he confirmed she was pregnant with their child, he insisted he was still bachelor.

“I don’t care,” Choppa told host Lore’l. “Some people are delusional. I’m a free man I’m God’s creation. Nobody owns me I don’t have a block number. [Yes, I paid for] IVF. I think she’s a misnomer. I had in vitro fertilization, Because we had had a miscarriage before, it was almost another opportunity for me in a sense.” He continued, “But it was very clear from the beginning that I wasn’t in a relationship with anyone. I just felt like—I don’t know. I didn’t owe anyone anything, but I’m just kind of sorry, if that makes sense. So I’m just trying to rectify the situation. And I’m still an asshole.”

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