“I’ve been kidding myself for years on account of one particular person…is Julian”. That’s how truth TV candidate Hilona Gos started when she accused Julien Bert of house violence. In a video that was once neither “condemning” her ex nor “(self)harming” alternatively “telling the truth,” the starlet detailed the alleged attack Julian Burt made on her.

The 28-year-old more youthful lady from Corsica shot to popularity by means of appearing on season 2 of TFX’s “Top 10 Perfect Couples”. After participating in quite a lot of shows similar to “Moundir et les Apprentis Aventuriers 4” or “Les Marseillais vs le reste du monde 4”, she met Julian Bert at the set of “The Prince of Love”, who had already seduced along side his place the placement of the creator.



Installing in a house, adopting a dog, staging an engagement on one different season of this W9 truth provide… Viewers and internet consumers conform to the couple’s adventures every day, documenting theirs on Instagram or TikTok, and convey commonplace tabloids.

From 2019 to 2022, most of the people is hotly discussing the breakup and reconciliation of this more youthful couple. But in a video that aired on YouTube on Sunday, Hilona Gos definitely brushed aside the idyllic, albeit chaotic, image she formed of the couple with Julien Bert. And take the audience proper right into a dirtier truth.

In her more than 37-minute video titled “My Truth About Julian,” the more youthful lady recounts the alleged house violence against her by means of a 31-year-old more youthful guy. Over the path in their history, their “great” courting can turn toxic.

Still in line with Hilona’s allegations, one night time in December 2019, at the eve of a shuttle, Julien Bert would unravel to drink quite a lot of alcohol by myself. His better half would blame him for something, sparking the fad of the formative years who wanted to strangle her and elevate her quite a lot of centimeters from the ground. “His glance changed, his eyes darkened, he wasn’t the similar particular person anymore. He raised his hand, grabbed me and strangled me. I may just now not breathe, it only lasted quite a lot of seconds, he learned. time,” she described.

The starlet may also face a miscarriage, which she in particular blames on her ex-fiancé’s violence. During her pregnancy, there might be able to be violence in Saint-Tropez. “Shut up, you large whinge,” Julien Bert would spit at him. “I was so fearful of losing the newborn all over again on account of the main time it was once because of rigidity, so I didn’t say one thing. I closed my ears. I pretended I was tired and I had to go back to the resort, alternatively he pulled me by means of the neck and I may just now not Don’t say I’m coming,” she repeated.