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I’m an across the world known well being suggest and cut up my time between Central North Carolina and Northern California.

I co-founded The Underbelly, the place you’ll to find distinctive and immersive virtual wellness reports in the course of the yoga categories I train and curated product traces to give a boost to your well-being. I paintings at the management group at We Go High and am the co-host of the Dear Jessamyn podcast.


When I’m no longer manifesting or in a yoga drift state, I’m watching on the sky or taking a dip in essentially the most gorgeous river and bathtub on the planet. I accumulate antique furnishings and am the surrogate mom to a number of very fascinating cats, crops and the cutest chihuahua you are going to ever meet.

I’m additionally the co-host of the Tender Fire Media podcast known as Dear Jessamyn. Named some of the best intercourse podcasts to hear via Harper’s Bazaar, the display provides a brand new standpoint on relationships, intercourse and way of life for everybody who lives and loves outdoor the field.

I’m the co-founder of We Go High NC, a Southern marijuana justice group devoted to expanding marijuana use in prohibitive states like mine, and highlighting the herbal connection between marijuana use and jail abolition. The group operates on a easy reality: No one will have to move to prison for smoking marijuana.

My first guide, Full Body Yoga: Letting Go of Fear. Get at the mat. Love Your Body has impressed audiences around the world to find the ability of yoga and self-acceptance. My 2nd guide, YOKE: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance, will likely be printed in Spring 2021.

I’m a normal contributor to SELF Magazine and seem steadily in many shops together with The New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, Vogue, InStyle, BET, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Allure, Shape, Out Magazine and Forbes Call up.

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