In a tweet merely previous than 9 am, the Boulder Police Department discussed officials have been responding to a document of an energetic shooter at Boulder High School

Schools are on lockdown, in response to the Boulder Valley School District. Reports of the energetic shooter haven’t been showed by means of police.

Schools typically start overdue on Wednesdays, so faculty scholars typically don’t document until 9.35am. Boulder Valley School District spokesperson Randy Barber discussed the varsity is telling mother and father and faculty scholars not to come to campus at the present time.

A public information officer was once on his technique to the varsity, police discussed in a tweet.



Immediately after the capturing, many people expressed surprise and sorrow at what had came about. Many of the ones other people referred to as for stricter gun control felony pointers so similar incidents would in no way happen over again. However, little movement was once taken by means of legislation enforcement and government officials in line with the ones public statements. Some of those who did take movement have been faculty scholars who created a petition inquiring for that the governor suspend the shooter’s method to shop for firearms. The shooter had threatened faculty scholars with a gun previous than and have been expelled from college for it. This shows how easy it’s for someone with a gun license to shop for ammunition in quantity without detection by means of legislation enforcement.

The shooter was once moreover arrested after attempting to buy ammunition from an undercover officer. Authorities have been able to catch him on account of he made arrangements by the use of an acquaintance who have been arrested for selling firearms previous that day. From there, government have been able to determine the shooter and in finding his weapon at his area. After this, the shooter pleaded accountable to attempted murder and was once sentenced to 15 years in prison – a a long way shorter sentence than what he would have faced if he had successfully purchased ammunition from his acquaintance.